Willie Warmers Specials

I have a few clearance items that will eventually be posted on this page. These Willie Warmers are the ones that I made while perfecting the Willie Warmers patterns. They may also be a particular color that I do not have a supplier for and therefore cannot add to my line of Willie Warmers.

Special Willie Warmer 1

Special Item #1
Special #1

This Willie Warmer was one of the first that I made. It was made with a yarn that was a little to heavy therefore I would not recommend this Willie Warmer for anything more than a gag gift. It is much to stiff and harsh to wear for any length of time. Size would be close to the "Average Joe"

Special Willie Warmer 2

Special Item #2
Special Item #2

The only thing wrong with this Willie Warmer is the color it is a shade of a color that I can no longer obtain. The size of this Willie Warmer is the standard "Average Joe".

Special Willie Warmer 3

Special Item #3
Special Item #3

This Willie Warmer was knit with a yarn and color that I can no longer have a good source. It is a nice light weight yarn and could be worn. The size of this Willie Warmer is just a little smaller than the "Average Joe" Deluxe Style.

How To Order

Once your decision of which color of the Willie Warmers by Jimmie Willie Pack that you would like has been made you may use the PayPal buttons provided to place your order.

Don't want to order online? Click here for a snail mail order form in pdf format.

Shipping and handling is included with all Hand Knit Willie Pack prices.


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