Willie Warmers by Jimmie Sitemap

To assist you in navigating the Willie Warmers by Jimmie site, I have provided the following map.

  • Home
    Home page for Willie Warms by Jimmie
  • Styles
    This page describes the various styles and colors of Willie Warmers offered.
  • Jock Straps
    This is the page for more information on hand knit Jock Straps. Contains a photo and colors available.
  • Willie Pack
    This is the page for more information on hand knit Willie Packs. Contains a photo and colors available.
  • Photo Gallery
    Just what it says a photo gallery of various Willie Warmers that customers have ordered and maybe someday a real live model for one.
  • Specials
    Here Willie Warmers by Jimmie has a few specials of Willie Warmers that were knit while developing the pattern or colors that are no longer available.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    A few questions about Willie Warmers and sizing.
  • Links
    Your standard links page of various links to other websites.

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Jimmie aka MO Hillbilly
Age 70+
Gender: Male
Astrological Sign: Pieces
Occupation: Retired
Location: Missouri : United States

Seventy-something gay man, that is not in a committed relationship, who loves knitting way more than he should. I do both hand and machine knitting and have done some spinning and will do more.

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