Willie Warmers Photo Gallery

Sorry folks, no nauty pictures on this page as of yet, maybe someday soon there will photos on real live models. Anyone want to volunteer?

I have a deal for anyone that is willing to purchase a Willie Warmer or Knitted Jock Strap. If you order a Willie Warmer or Jock Strap and send me a photo of you wearing the item that I can use on Willie Warmers by Jimmie website I will refund you total purchase cost of the Willie Warmer or Jock Strap once I receive the photos. Come on guys there has to be some of you out there that would like to show what you have and how you look in Willie Warmer or Knit Jock Strap. Only photos of the Willie Warmer or Knit Jock Strap will be shown no full body shots will be used.

Special Order #1
Special Order

This Willie Warmer was a special order for a customer. It was designed to their specifications of color and placement.

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Seventy-something gay man, that is not in a committed relationship, who loves knitting way more than he should. I do both hand and machine knitting and have done some spinning and will do more.

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