Willie Warmer Frequently Asked Questions

1)How do I place an order with Willie Warmers?
You may place your order one of two ways either by PayPal or by printing out an order form and mailing it in if you prefer not to use PayPal or order online. I am able to also send you and invoice using Square allowing you to pay with several different credit cards over a very secure connection. Be sure to enclose the item number or design name of the item if you are sending a snail mail or email. That way I will know for sure just which item you are referring to. The price or all items include FREE SHIPPING. Tracking maybe added at an additional cost to the customer. A 10% discount will be given if ordering multiple beaded items.

2) What makes my Willie Warmers different than others you may have seen online?
Mine are a unique design that features a couple of design features. There is an open end model which allows it to fit nicely when flaccid and then lets you stick out the end when you obtain an erection. There is a deluxe model that features more shaping to decrease the amount of bulk and therefore makes a better fit.

3) Do I need to measure myself so that a Willie Warmer will fit properly?
No, most people will fit into the "Average Joe" Willie Warmer but if you are thicker than normal you might consider ordering the "The Big Bubba". Both of the models are knit to accommodate a flaccid penis length of approximately 4 inches in order to reduce bulk.

4) Does it matter that I am extremely long?
No, remember that the Willie Warmers by Jimmie are designed to fit you while you are flaccid. The sheath is made about 4" long which will accommodate most flaccid penises. If you intend on wearing the Willie Warmers when you obtain an erection you might consider ordering the open tip model (your penis will stick out the end of the sheath) or placing a special order if you want to wear the closed tip model. Making the Willie Warmer too long will result in it being bulky inside your pants.

5) Does Willie Warmers by Jimmie accept special orders?
Yes. If you have a special Willie Warmer or Jock Strap in mind just Email Jimmie with any questions or desires that you might have.

Thank you for visiting Willie Warmers by Jimmie and if you any further questions you may email Jimmie with your questions and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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